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Hello. We are neogrün.

Hello! We are Enrico and Alexander, the founders of neogrün. With our passion for the nature, creativity and research, we wish to inspire the children to discover the world in their own individual way and learn how to protect the environment for their own future. We care that our natural toys are safe for children and the environment during manufacture, use and disposal. This is the key to responsible lifestyle for a healthy and sustainable future of our planet.


Since I was I child, I’ve been driven by the wish to make this world a better place for both humans and our fragile nature. In almost ten years of my research career I worked on different projects related to the recovery of the oil-polluted environments, human health and physiology of plants. All this gave me a diverse knowledge, which I am happy to employ with neogrün. When we brought neogrün to live, we wanted to make the best out of nature without causing any harm to it. I see it as my personal task to spread the values of sustainability, and to raise awareness of the critical for the environment factors. I wish that one day neogrün becomes a synonym for the neo-green concept of a smart sustainable lifestyle.


I have always been passionate about discovering new things, optimizing the known and actively implementing them in our everyday life – all with respect for nature and humanity. In recent years I was professionally involved in manufacturing of toys and other children products. There I have realized how high was the concern about the safety of the components, especially for toys, which are in contact with the skin and mouth. Also, there was often no transparency in declaration of the ingredients for such products. On the other hand, it has become absolutely critical for me to act against the increasing climate change and pollution of our environment. All this have brought me to the idea to do something different, something new, more open and transparent. The idea to develop products from sustainable natural resources. Products that guarantee our children safe joy and yet do not destroy the environment for them and future generations.