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Ah again autumn, no more summer fun… But there is always a time to play! And of course, there is no better play than when you create your own rules and your own environment. So, grab your imagination and create your own world out of materials that you find around you.

To get you inspired, we used only paper and our neogruen Finger paints and Easy-clay to make a magical fairy house that can open the door to the enchanted world of wonders that are waiting to be found in your kids imagination.


The preparation

Well, all you need to prepare is an empty roll from the paper towels, a piece of packaging paper and a paper knife. First, cut out the door and the window on the paper roll. Please, remember that this step must be done by adults to keep the sharp objects away from the children. Next, grab a paper, roll it in a cone and glue the edges to keep it stable.  This will be a future roof of the house. Here, we rolled the open side of the cone like you would roll a sleeve to make it look like a hat. Feel free to play around with the shapes of the “roof” here.

The painting

So now it’s time for painting! Obviously, with our finger paints you can paint with your fingers, but you can use also brush or a sponge. Let the paint dry and put the roof on top of the house. Ta-da!!! The house is ready!

The game

You can create many more objects using neogruen Easy-clay, and at this point you should give your child a complete freedom of choice. Just ask a few guiding questions:

– Who will live in this house?

– Who also comes for a visit to this house?

–  What grows around the house?

Perfect, you’ve just started an open-ended game, the best source of creativity and ultimate fun!


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