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We are thrilled to see, how our dream of safe toys from natural raw materials and responsible packaging is finally turning into life. For a long time, we worked on formulating our products and had to overcome many challenges of high standards that we set up from the very beginning.

Our idea was to create products that are not only harmless, natural and environmentally friendly, but also to establish a trustworthy and open communication with our customers. That’s why we didn’t want to limit ourselves to the bold statements, but instead underwent a certification according to the “Nature Care Product (NCP)” standard. With the sophisticated NCP label, we not only validate the ecological aspects. We also ensure the commitment to the ethical principles in the production of our raw materials. Further, we voluntarily declare the ingredients on the package for a higher transparency. So, everyone can make their own opinion about neogrün® products. We are also open for the discussion about the quality of our products and will continue sharing our news and ideas in our neoblog.

One of the main principles of our products is their educational role. The child’s imagination is unique and unlimited. And the best we can do to promote the individuality of your child is to provide him with an absolute freedom of play – without rules and guidance. Here at neogrün we produce toys that give an absolute freedom for imagination.

We are full of respect to the vegan lifestyle as a sustainable living with significantly lower environmental impact. As a part of it, we support the cruelty-free environment. We refuse to engage in any form of animal exploitation and do not test our products on animals. Also, our pigments are of pure vegetable and mineral origin and do not include carmine or shellac.

Another important point is the packaging. If you look at the oceans, then you would like to bring no plastic in the circulation. That’s why we use plastic only where there is currently no more environmentally friendly and safe alternative. We do not consider glass containers safe enough to be used in toys, while bioplastics are too unstable for a long-term storage and complicate the recycling of other plastics. That’s why we decided to use only cups and stickers made of food safe pure polypropylene. It is 100% recyclable and can be properly disposed of every by a child.

In addition to all ecological aspects, neogrün® is primarily focuses on the child health. After all, children are our future and no child should be exposed to unnecessary danger for profit. Therefore, our products are produced without azo dyes, parabens and petrochemicals and other substances of concern. But even some natural substances, such as alum or fragrance have no place in our Finger paints and Easy Clay. neogrün® products are intended for fun without safety concerns. neogrün – just as its original meaning – simply the new green :-))

neogrün Logo - Bio-Fingerfarbe und Bio-Knete - Zertifiziert

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