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The consumer magazine has found in its latest study about the ecological labels that consumers are becoming increasingly demanding to the quality of the products. According to this study, the purchasing decision is getting more and more dependent on credible labels. 68% of respondents of Utopia say that labels are a helpful guide, though they sometimes do not know what’s stands exactly behind the label. Interestingly, consumers are getting more demanding to the term “organic”. According to Utopia, 38% of respondents say that “organic” alone is no longer sufficient and that other aspects such as regionality are becoming increasingly important. Only as many as 26% pay attention to the specific bio-label when buying.

Ultimately, according to, the consumer pays attention to clarity and popularity of the label. So, the labels whose names are self-explanatory and understandable receive a higher level of credibility. We are delighted that by choosing the Nature Care Product standard for our Easy Clay and Finger Paints we have made the right choice not just according to our own principles, but also for our consumers.

The entire article you can read on (in German). The results of the Utopia study “Lost in Label” can be downloaded here.

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